NFT Collection Listing and Sales Analysis

For clients interested in analyzing OpenSea data related to NFT collections, I specialize in crafting tailored data solutions that capture NFT features, listings, and price changes. With this valuable information, clients can identify potential investment opportunities and make better-informed decisions regarding their NFT portfolios.

Data Sources




Data Sources:

I utilize the OpenSea API to access the most relevant and current information on NFT collections, listings, and price changes. This ensures that my clients have access to comprehensive and accurate data for their analysis.


To ensure efficient and reliable data processing and transformation, I implement a Node.js application running as an Azure Function. This setup guarantees that my clients receive up-to-date and accurate insights into the dynamic NFT marketplace.


The processed data is securely stored in an Azure SQL database, providing a structured and easily accessible solution for NFT collection analysis. This ensures that clients can quickly access and analyze the data they need to optimize their NFT investments.


Clients have the option to choose between an Excel file or a Power BI report for a personalized and engaging data presentation experience. Both options offer clients an easy-to-understand and interactive way to explore and analyze their NFT collections, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

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