Axie Sales, Breeding and Features Tracking

I specialize in developing data solutions tailored specifically for Axie breeders seeking to optimize their breeding strategies by monitoring Axie price fluctuations based on traits. Through the provision of a comprehensive overview of Axie prices and breeding data, I empower breeders to make informed decisions that maximize their breeding success.

Data Sources




Data Sources:

I gather accurate and up-to-date information by combining on-chain data from the Ronin blockchain with data read from The Graph. This ensures a comprehensive and reliable dataset for Axie breeders.


To ensure seamless data processing and transformation, I utilize a Node.js application running as an Azure Function for data ingestion. This approach guarantees efficient and accurate data handling, tailored specifically to the requirements of Axie breeding analysis.


I securely store the processed data in an Azure SQL database, providing a structured and easily accessible solution for Axie breeders. This enables breeders to quickly access and analyze the data they need to optimize their strategies.


Breeders can analyze the data through an Excel file, offering a familiar and user-friendly interface for making informed breeding decisions. With easy-to-understand visuals, breeders can quickly identify trends and adjust their strategies accordingly.

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